“I am a proud Aboriginal woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia.
I am privileged to have family connections in both the East and West Kimberley".

Rebecca Morgan 

Contempoary Aboriginal Artist

Rebecca is an enthusiastic and vibrant artist who grew up in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

“I retain strong cultural & family ties to the people in the East Kimberley through my Father and in the West Kimberley through my Mother”

Rebecca’s art is very personal and captures themes that include family, unity, the journey of life and dreamtime stories passed down to her by her parents and grandparents. Rebecca’s imagery reflects her strong connection to the Land and Sea, drawing on the richness of the East Kimberley landscape and stories related to the sea from the Broome area, that is such an important aspect of her life here. The rhythm of the seasons is evident in her paintings such as ‘Salmon Time’ which heralds here in the ‘dry season,’ ‘Turtles tracking’ refers to the movement of the baby turtles from their nests to the sea.

As a Broome based artist and has a unique and modern approach to her paintings while still incorporating traditional styles of art from her elders. She is a dedicated painter and is already gaining world wide recognition. Rebecca is an associate artist for Nomad Two Worlds (Perth/New York) & Nyamba Buru Yawuru (Broome). Has held exhibitions in Broome 2010-2011, Kununurra 2012, Sydney 2010, Perth (CHOGM) 2011 and Berlin-Germany 2011. Rebecca is part of the Kimberley Fine Art Collection exhibitions 2016-2017, Collaborative Nomad Two Worlds pieces have been displayed in New York and other places. Bec has also been a guest Artist for Mount View Primary School, Melbourne 2014, Nomad Two Worlds Celebrate WA Day Community Canvas project 2014, Cable Beach Club activities program artist 2014, Munumbarra Festival, Wyndham 2016. 

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